With over 30 years of experience in community development, fighting social injustice and strengthening neighbourhoods, the Oasis Foundation has a wealth of practical experience to bring to bear on some of the biggest issues that society needs to tackle.

Our experiences and learnings lead us to investigate big issues more academically and present the findings of our research in reports and other documents, combined with robust policy recommendations. 

This section hosts our reports and policy documents.

Enough is Enough: Adressing the root causes of radicalisation

For many policy makers, radicalisation is a problem of ideology and much of the UK’s strategy in combating it revolves around a continuing confrontation with a dangerous strand of Islamist belief.  However, as this report demonstrates, a whole range of factors can make a young person vulnerable to radicalisation and a greater depth of understanding is needed if we, as a society, have a chance of protecting young people from a lifetime of danger.

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In the name of Love: The Church, Exclusion And LGB Mental Health Issues

In the past three decades, a growing body of research has demonstrated that people of sexualities other than heterosexual are significantly more likely to experience poor mental health ranging from depression and anxiety to self-harm and suicide.  Similarly, researchers have been able to link these problems to a sense of ‘societal discrimination’ and a perception of inferiority.  This report however, is the first of its kind to explicitly make the link between local churches’ pastoral practises of discrimination and its substantial contribution to negative attitudes in society, to a reduction of mental health and quality of life in lesbian, gay and bisexual people

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A Moral Imperative: The UK’s Responsibility to Unaccompanied Child Refugees – A Policy Response

In October 2016, Oasis was asked by the Home Office to open an emergency safe house for young refugees that had crossed the channel from Calais.  Since then we have had the privilege of engaging extensively with other refugee support charities and gained first hand insight into how government was responding to the crisis.  Our new report - "A Moral Imperative" - captures our own experiences but it is also the first coordinated gathering of available information about the scale and effectiveness of the UK’s response to the Calais crisis.

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Faith In Public Service: The Role of the Church in Public Service Delivery

‘Big Society’ has not delivered the transformation in civil society for which many hoped. Our inaugural report, Faith in Public Service, outlines some of the reasons why the bold vision of Big Society has yet to be achieved, before going on to set out a number of key policy recommendations through which we believe the Big Society project can be re-imagined and reinvigorated and the potentially huge role of local churches can be better realised.

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