Creating a More Open Church

From different wings of the Church, there is a growing movement of Christians who are passionate about fully embracing, welcoming and including people who are LGBT. 


A Theological Approach to LGBT Inclusion and Same-Sex Marriage

Steve Chalke has helped the Church to engage in the debate around LGBT inclusion and same-sex marriage. Steve’s article, A Matter of Integrity, published in 2013, called the Church to grapple with the issues of sexuality and inclusion. He has called for Christians to face what he describes as the central issue, asking “what does real, Christ-like, inclusion look like?”.

Steve’s other 2013 article, Restoring Confidence in the Bible, unpacks how we can use the Bible as a reliable moral and spiritual guide in our twenty-first century globalised world. In Restoring Confidence, Steve articulates a fresh way of looking at the Bible as he delves into the many difficult questions that, historically, the Church has failed to answer. He argues that we can only begin to fully understand the Bible as we grapple with, discuss and debate its meaning in community.


Open Church Conferences

Since 2013, Oasis has been at the vanguard of the inclusion debate within the Church and hosted its first Open Church Conference in 2015, with speakers including Tony Campolo, Vicky Beeching, Andrew Marin and Bishop Alan Wilson.

In June 2016, Oasis held Open Church 2016, The Why and How of Building Truly Inclusive Local Churches, with speakers including Professor Kevin Fenton (Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England), Ruth Hunt (CEO of Stonewall), Canon Mark Oakley, Sally Hitchiner and Andrew Foreshew-Cain.


The Open Church Charter

An increasing number of Churches are openly committing to LGBT inclusion. The Open Church Charter is a way for your church to make their position known and throw open their doors to people who are seeking an inclusive and welcoming community. Is your church committed to LGBT inclusion?



The Church, The Bible, Same-Sex Relationships and Gender Identity

We think the time has come for the Church to have more open, honest and gracious conversations about homosexuality, same-sex relationships and gender identity.

This comprehensive and detailed resource will help the reader to understand and engage with the growing movement towards a more compassionate, thoughtful and consistent approach to the Bible, humanity, community and sexuality. It is a resource for churches, church leaders and Christians everywhere that will help us all to respond in faith to the questions posed by same-sex relationships and gender identity and to develop deeper, more authentic and inclusive church communities.

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If you would like to find out more about Open Church or would like to engage in our work in this area, please contact Gareth Streeter.


The Church, The Bible, Same-Sex Relationships and Gender Identity


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