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About The Oasis Foundation

The Oasis Foundation is the new research and policy unit of the Oasis group of charities and social enterprises.

The Oasis Foundation is our opportunity to give back some of our thirty years of learning in church-led social action, to help inform public policy and to encourage replication of what we and others have found to work.

The role of the Church in public service delivery 

Radicalisation and gang culture 

Sexuality and inclusion

The UK's response to child refugees



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Oasis Has A Radical And Genuinely Distinctive Vision Of Community.

In the UK Oasis’ hub model is reaching critical mass. While we continue to learn, we believe that it is time for us to share what we, and others, have learnt about church-led community social action.

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A Real And Immediate Opportunity To Lead A Dramatic Change In The Role Of The Church

  • “I believe that when we treat homosexual people as pariahs and push them outside our communities and churches; when we blame them for who they are; when we deny them our blessing on their commitment to lifelong, faithful relationships, we make them doubt whether they are children of God, made in his image.”

  • “The church has an important role to play in creating a stronger, fairer and more cohesive society. But more fundamentally, it has a God-given role to respond, in generous service, to the needs we see in our communities.”